Friday, March 21, 2014

Junk Shopping

I've had kind of a stressful week. Well, that's not exactly true. "I've given myself stress this week" is probably more honest. While my kids are at the dentist (Rocky goes all knight in shining armor and covers that for me) I decided to take a side trip to one of my local junk stores. Some people call them antique boutiques, but when your store's name is Lolitta's at Runt Place, I think we all know what kind of store it is.
Here is a sampling of what I didn't buy. 
Meet Enrique, Fabio, and John Henry.

I did pick up this little beauty very cheaply. I know people don't wear these anymore, but when has that ever stopped me? 
It is amazing how fun these little shops are. I may need to spend a day soon hitting a bunch of them. 

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