Saturday, March 01, 2014

A Challenge

The doctors that my kids see have three offices. This week one of those offices burnt to the ground. Thankfully it happened in the middle of the night, and no one was hurt. I am personally lucky because it wasn't the office we go to. All I could think about was those poor people who had or needed appointments Friday. It occurred to me that they were going to have to try and fit all the practice's doctors and patience into the two remaining locations. The office workers are going to have a rough couple of weeks. Those ladies are going to need some chocolate. So, on my way to a regular errand, I stopped into the grocery store and picked up cheap flowers and a bag of Hershey Kisses. It cost me less than $15. Those people have seen my kids through some medical fires, so it just makes sense to see them through this. The look on the receptionist's face made my day. She let out a long breath and told me about what was on her plate. She thanked me repeatedly and then took it all to the back so everyone could have a little cheering up and chocolate.

I'm not telling this story to brag about what I did. Honestly. I was floating the rest of the day, and that is the best reward. I am telling you to introduce this.

I think most of us have those fleeting thoughts of  "I should take them cookies" or "I'm going to send them a card" or even "I should give them a good Yelp review", but then we don't. Why don't we? Usually because life gets in our way. It isn't on our "to do" list. Well, here is your excuse.
Here are some guidelines:
1. Don't over think the who. Someone will come to mind. Someone you know will have a rough day. Someone you know does stuff for people all the time. There is someone you hardly ever see, but admire. One of these statements probably brought someone to mind. Go with that person, but not if that person is me because Rocky just brought home flowers and chocolate for me. (I inspired him, his inspiration inspired me to post, we are cute like that)
2.You don't have to make it big. Big takes planning, and you are more likely to actually do it if you don't make it complicated. You have to go to the store this week anyway. Add "random chocolate bunny" to your list and drop it on someone's doorstep with a post-it that says "You are awesome!" You are out $2 and 5 minutes and have made someone's day.
3. IF you tell people you did it, don't do it to brag. Do it to encourage others about how easy it is and to give them ideas on how they might could do it too. This one is harder than you'd like it to be because you will be on an awesome excited high after. If it helps you can call or email me and I'll happy dance with you.
4. If putting it on your list isn't getting it done, tell your kid you are going to do it. Those little people are crazy good accountability partners. If you don't have kids, try your parent or close friend who'll ask follow up questions. This trick works best if it is someone who'll give you a hard time if you let it slide.
5. Don't expected it to be returned. Remember that the vast majority of people never follow through with these type of ideas, so you may never reap a reward beyond the wonderful feeling of having brightened a day.
Okay, I think you are ready. Go be random!

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