Saturday, March 29, 2014

No makeup for cancer (not exactly)

No make up selfies are popping up all over Facebook for cancer awareness. If you are wondering why, then welcome to my thought train. If you have read my blog for long then you already know how I feel about awareness for things everyone already knows about. Today I read an article written by a cancer patient kind of ripping the trend. She was irritated because she feels terrible and doesn't have the energy for makeup ever, and the idea of people "being brave" to post a picture with no makeup rubbed her wrong. Probably because she had no makeup and no hair and was just happy to be breathing. I can't say I blame her.
For me, it reminded me of my husband's cousin Joy. She was recently on an episode of The Doctors. She has a bizarre form of cancer, but that isn't why they had her on. She was there to talk about benefiting from a charity called Lipstick Angels. They are makeup artists who go to hospitals and pamper patients.  They give hand massages, facials, and makeup application to women who are tired from fighting for their life. It may seem trivial to some, but that sort of attention can really lift your spirits. It is a good example of people using their skill and talents to brighten the day of someone else. If you want to see the clip from the episode, it is here.
So, here is my picture with no makeup. It isn't brave. It isn't special. It is just how I look when I have a cold and not enough sleep. It isn't to make you aware of cancer. You are already all too familiar with it. It is to make you aware that you know how to do something that would benefit someone else. Even if it isn't something traditionally done, it can still be helpful. Maybe all you can do is write a check, but that is huge and more than most.

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