Saturday, January 09, 2010

Dust Lions

Dust bunny is much to mild of a word for what I found living in the corners of my room. Dust lions seemed much more appropriate. I still can not believe the amount of stuff I pulled out from under my bed. A lot of it should have been thrown out awhile ago. Some of it was things I had been looking for and thought were lost for good. The truly scary thing I found under there was enough dust to choke a horse. I can not believe we have been sleeping on top of that all this time. We (I) have decided that nothing will be stored under our bed ever again and to that end I have tucked our bed skirt up so it no longer hides that area and we will not be tempted. It took me all week to purge this room of junk. I took out 2 full bags of trash, a packed box of things to go through later and possibly store and/or donate, and one table that we had books on. The books are now in our wardrobe where I also found room for all of our king sized sheets, storage space for candles, and I still have a couple of drawers I can put things in if need be. The wardrobe had been a mess of things and a bunch of sweaters I never wore because I forgot they were in there. They have been moved to my closet and all of the junk found a new home or was tossed.
I think the best way to handle my before and afters this time is to use pictures taken from the doorway of the room. I think you will notice some obvious changes right away.

One cute tip I picked up from the book that was helpful in this room is to take a pillow case from your sheet set and store the rest of the set inside. This keeps pillowcases from wandering of, fitted sheets from magically unfolding, and in general keeps things neater.
Below you will find a picture I just took tonight of my den and dining rooms. It has been a full week since I transformed both these rooms and as you can see, it is staying clean.
p.s. I have red flannel snowflake sheets because Target put them on sale for $15 in king size and this was the only print they had left. I don't care how badly they clash with everything I own. They are really comfortable and they were cheap. You can not pass that combination up.

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Debbie said...

Again, another stellar job Lynn!

It's been fun watching you clean house! ;)

..and yes, I got the twin sheets for Josh-same place, lower price. :)