Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Wrench in the Plan

Any time you start on a big project you can just about count on something going wrong that aims to derail you. In addition to my cleaning project we are working on making this the year we become debt free. Both of these projects have gotten off to a pretty good start. I have started on my most challenging room to date, the master bedroom. Between the amount of stuff to be purged and work starting back it may take the rest of the week to finish. I am planning the biggest change yet in this room and am very excited to see the before and after. This is where the wrench comes in. The monitor on my laptop seems to have stopped working right. All of my before images are now trapped along with a fair number of family photos. Thankfully I backed up everything in November, but a lot happens in December and I am slightly paniced that we won't recover it all.
In the past we probably would have spent every last dime we had saved to get a new laptop, but that is not in the debt free plan. We do have a working desktop now so I am not totally in the desert, but it will take time to make it my primary computer. Rocky says there is a $5 adapter that will help get my photos back but until we find one I won't have any before to share.
I should probably stop pouting over my computer and get back to work so I will have an "after" to show.

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