Saturday, January 02, 2010

Oh Really?

As kind of a joke way of being helpful, my mother gave me a book for Christmas called "The House That Cleans Itself". As anyone who has been to my house for a planned visit can tell you, I keep a tidy house. As anyone who has dropped in unannounced can tell you I am great at hiding things, panic cleaning, and could win awards for my messiness. Basically, my house lives a double life, the one we let people see and the one we try to hide at all costs. I don't mind if people know I keep a little clutter, but in the back of my mind I do worry a little that the health board would get called if people saw my real housekeeping habits. For someone who isn't a hoarder and doesn't tend to shop a lot, I have a lot of mess.
I got to thinking that if Rocky can go on a diet for New Years I could try to fix some of my cleaning issues. In fact, I have realized that we are messy people in a lot of areas. We need to de-clutter our house, our budget, our diets, and our spiritual lives.
The book suggests setting a time goal of a couple of months and at the end of that have a party of some sort to help you have a goal in mind. I guess we could do that, but I thought using the blog to journal the whole thing might keep me more honest. After all, I am the queen of cleaning for a day. Don't believe me? Just look under my bed.

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