Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mostly Finished Bathroom

First I must explain my before picture. Since I have yet to retrieve my first before shots from my laptop I took a new one right before starting work on the bathroom. Several things from the bedroom project got moved in as did the cleaners and the previously mentioned tiny box. So, do me a favor and keep in mind that this before really is much worse than my typical bathroom mess.

And now the almost after

It is counted as an almost after because I am done organizing and purging (3 trash bags this time), but the deep cleaning part has been put on hold. While using my shark steam cleaner, which I love, I managed to steam my hand. As I learned in 9th grade Principles of Technology class from Mr.Toy, steam burns worse than hot water. I'm fine, but my left thumb has been sidelined for a couple of days. Thank goodness I can type without my left thumb, right?
Most of the cleaning is done. I just have to finish the shower, tub, and toilet. After that I have promised myself a nice hot bath in my perfect bathroom.
I think the most dramatic part of this room is in the linen closet. Since I was able to move the sheets into the bedroom I opened up a lot of space in there. Combine that with throwing out the junk and things that didn't belong (like the bullets) and I have a ton of room.

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