Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Weirdest Award

I knew that when I embarked on this cleaning journey that I was bound to come across a few weird things in odd places. Up until today the most out of place thing has been a DS game in a stack of papers under my bed. We still haven't figured that one completely out yet. However I have now been crowned the bestest mom ever for finding it.
Today while emptying out my linen closet in the master bathroom I found something that is sure to go down as the strangest most out of place item in the history of house cleaning. I know I am only a few rooms into this, but it can not get any weirder than this.

For those of you who are not familiar with firearms, those are bullets for a .22 caliber rifle. The really strange part is that I do not have a 22 in my house. Even if I did, I still can not imagine a reason for putting bullets in the back of a linen closet. I am pretty sure that this is a box I got when I first learned how to shoot. That dates them back to the mid 80's. I suppose I should find them a nice new home. Maybe somewhere with some woods where the bullets could run around and feel useful again.

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