Saturday, February 22, 2014

Look it!

It seems I have been in the mood to breakdown my own crafting barriers this month. After my modesty success and lessons learned from painting canvas paper, I moved to the real thing.
I had already decided that I wanted some sort of quote for Nix' room. I polled friends, made a list, and Nix picked a lovely quote from Dr. Seuss that fits her well.
Step 1: The Design. This was the easy part for me. It was computer work and therefore easily changed.

Step 2. The Layout. I turned my original work into segments 8x10 pieces that would allow me to transfer the design to the canvas

Step 3 Transfer. After the gray base coat, I transferred the design to the canvas using graphite paper. This gave me an outline to follow, so it became more like paint by number.

Step 4 Paint. This was the part I was nervous about. It was a lot of words to fill in. Next time I must remember a smaller quote and a larger, less swirly font. It is hard to see here, but I went back after I was done with my original plan and add in silver swirls to the purple ones and purple highlighting to the letters.

Step 5 Hanging the finished project. I never expected it to look this good.

I am certain that people who have a knowledge of how these things should be done would pat my head and bless my heart upon close inspection, but Nix loves it and I am satisfied with it.
Next up is one for JD, which will hopefully glow in the dark.

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