Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow Day Craft #1

I don't know if you have heard, but we've been kind of snowed in a lot this winter , or at least a lot for Georgia. In addition to french toasting (that is my new term for buying milk, bread, and eggs before snow), I hit the craft store. I have a stack of fleece for cape making, but I am also trying a few new things.
I really enjoy playing around with words in Photoshop, but they never leave my computer. I decided it was time to stop being intimidated by paint brushes. I'm trying out a few different methods of getting my ideas on canvas.
 For this one. I tool my original PS file and turned it all white with a black stroke fx on the words. I then printed it onto my canvas paper, and did it paint by number style.

My first one turn out pretty from a distance, but the labor involved and the messiness of a close look bugged me. I really should have painted the whole thing brown and then used transfer paper to trace on the lettering to paint.

I decided that my next try would be simple. Something for JD. A Doctor Who quote. I gave him the choice of TARDIS blue or fez red. He went with his favorite color.
First, I laid out vinyl letters on a piece of canvas paper.

Then, I painted the whole thing fez red.

Next came peeling off the letters to reveal the white underneath.

Last, I sealed it. It turned out a lot better than I thought it would. I was really pleased. The only hard part was waiting on coats to dry.
Since I wasn't sure how it would work, I stuck to canvas paper, but I intend to try this on a real canvas. I may attempt to mount the ones I have done on paper to wood, but that will have to wait until we can drive on the streets again.
I'm not sure what I'll try next. I bought chalkboard paint and glow in the dark paint, so there is really no telling.
On deck right now is starting a big pot of chili. 

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