Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day Craft #2

I spent most of my creative juices on digital stuff because my computer keeps my lap warm, but I started going cross-eyed and found myself making things like this.

It was clearly time for a hands on craft. Before the storm, I bought some aluminum tape so that I could try out a how to from my favorite blog Epbot. 
My end game is to turn a ballet pointe shoe into the tin man, which will be awesome because I also want to make one into a ruby slipper. 
Baby steps first, so I tried a small box. 
First I glued on some things for texture. It was basically just what I could find quickly in my random craft stash. 

I don't have any cool metallic wax stuff to give it the added color, but it turned out pretty cute, especially for a first try.

This is a random thing to throw in, but I just went upstairs and saw JD doing his daily reading. He was on the air mattress we aired up just in case we had friends lose power and ended up hosting people. This is not the proper way to lay on an air mattress. I think we need out of the house.

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